When we first meet you, we will try to get to know you as much as possible, we will go through your medical history as well as dental history. We will file your photographs and do a screen cancer check as part of our protocol. An OPG (radiograph/x-ray) that covers the whole mouth is recommended.

We believe in transparency in dentistry, preferring that you have the OPG charged as bulk bill 

We do not hold arrangements with any radiology centres. Just let reception know where is convenient for you and we will find the best radiology centre and send your referral to that location. All you need to do is book an appointment with them. 


At MHT Dentistry we believe that patient education and prevention are essential for a successful partnership between patient and clinician and by far delivers the best results in the short and long run. 

Dental plaque is the precursor for all gum, dental and implant issues, therefore we advise a 6 monthly check up and clean to keep on top of things. 

Bleeding gums and tooth discomfort are not normal, don't delay your visit, make an appointment as soon as possible as the quicker we fix the issues the better the prognosis as well as the treatment costs. 


We understand that you don't plan emergencies and that tooth pain can strike you anytime. At MHT we honour our duty of care and will endeavour to see any patient in pain on that day. If after hours or on a weekend contact us so we can help accomodate your needs.

In the event of an after hours dental emergency please call our main phone on 03 9813 8853


We are a mercure-free surgery, using the most advanced tooth coloured resin composite materials to fill cavities, repair a broken tooth or replace old unsatisfactory fillings. 


Porcelain made, with excellent aesthetics and longevity, dental crowns are used to improve appearance or protect tooth structure that has had root canal treatment or extensive dental treatment in the past and there is not enough tooth structure to place a resin composite filling. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is an alternative solution where dental implants can't be used. Two teeth adjacent to a gap are cut back and used as pillars to replace the missing tooth in the middle.  


Veneers or laminates are a conservative solution to enhance aesthetics, a thin part of the outer layer of the tooth is removed and a porcelain laminate is glued to the tooth. Alternatively resin composites veneers can be  made at a lower cost but will carry a higher ongoing maintenance and are not as aesthetically pleasing.


Partial Removable Chrome Cobalt dentures – use Vitalium metal  - strengthen the clasps, more durable

These dentures are indicated when multiple teeth have been lost and the remaining teeth are used to hold the denture in place

Partial Acrylic Dentures – use high impact acrylic

These dentures are used as a interim solution was they are bulkier and less retentive.

Full Acrylic Dentures  - use high impact acrylic and sometimes a metal subframe to increase strength

These dentures are used when all teeth have been lost or when planning on full mouth extraction as a immediate replacement option
Some dentures have the ability to be attached to implants in the future depending on implant position and numbers saving time and cost to the patient


Gum disease is initiated by dental plaque, a vigorous oral hygiene is necessary to fight and control the disease. The bacterial load in the plaque causes an immune response resulting in inflammation of the gum, bone loss and eventually tooth loss. 


We love contact sport in Australia. Mouthguards are the best insurance policy you can have when you play sports like AFL, Rugby, Basketball and Netball where you or your kids are in constant exposure to trauma. Mouthguards prevent tooth loss. 

Tooth extractions

Some teeth may need to be extracted due to lesions, mobility, fractures, decays. At MHT Dentistry we are fully qualified and equiped to conduct Implant placements, single and multiple extractions as well as surgical extractions - including wisdom teeth.  


Bruxism is the unconscious habit of grinding the top teeth with the bottom teeth. It can happen during the day as well as during sleep. Teeth grinding damages all teeth in the mouth as the constant attrition wears the teeth down. It can also cause jaw pain, TMJ pain and headaches. A primary treatment option is the use of a occlusal mouthguard made of clear acrylic. 


Tooth whitening is used to help stained teeth to become lighter in colour. Usually coffee, tea, red wine and smoking cigarettes as well as colourful food can stain the outer layer of the tooth. Tooth whitening can be done in the dental chair or with the use of a mouthguard where over the period of 1-2 weeks a gel is applied to the teeth.